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Small private schools like Virginia College and Fortis College host just a few hundred students. There are Baptist, Presbyterian and several other seminaries in the city, as well. You could find a Richmond real estate investment property near any of these campuses or in easy reach of several and rent out to a steady stream of students. Yes, Richmond, Virginia has a tourist market. More than seven million people a year pass through.

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They may be visiting one of the oldest cities in the United States to tour Revolutionary era or Civil War sights. Others attend weddings and graduations in the area. The city is considering becoming more friendly to short-term rentals, something that is has been illegal to date in the Richmond VA real estate market unless there were major events that resulted in an exemption. If passed, a certificate of rental that costs several hundred dollars would have to be acquired to rent out a property in the Richmond housing market for short periods of time.

In , Richmond made multiple lists of the best places to retire in the United States as well as top places to live. Points in favor of the Richmond VA real estate market included its intellectual and creative life, affordability, and quality of healthcare.

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This has led to a spate of new construction for active adult communities. Richmond has crafted a 1.

Large sections of downtown will be renovated and redeveloped to include new condos, retail and commercial space. It will be home to a new transit building, arena and mixed use developments. This will increase the value of all properties in the Richmond housing market in and around downtown.

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Virginia has a relatively low tax burden. The state and local tax burden per capital is tenth lowest in the country. Property taxes average 0. A side benefit of the affordable Richmond VA real estate market is an even lower than average property tax bill. The Richmond housing market is quite landlord friendly. There is no limit on late fees as long as they are written into the lease. There are no notice of entry law in the state. The only area where Virginia falls short is the long, complex eviction process. The average Richmond real estate investment property owner offsets this by having a large security deposit and thorough background checks.

You can charge an application deposit on top of the security deposit. The average home in the Richmond VA real estate market costs around , dollars. However, the Richmond housing market is a better value when you compare median income to housing costs. On the flip side, the fact that Richmond area homes are relatively affordable means that Richmond real estate investment properties have plenty of space to appreciate.

Unemployment in the Richmond area hovers around three percent, half a point or so below the national average. More importantly, the area has seen better than average job growth over the past few years. In , they were among the top 25 metro areas with the fastest job growth. Future job growth is expected to be 35 percent over the next ten years, several percentage points higher than the national average. This will contribute to steady population growth as college graduates find jobs in the area and end up raising their families here.

The main reason you would buy a Richmond real estate investment property is for the rental income. However, the more important factor is the return on the investment. In this regard, the Richmond housing market shines.

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Richmond VA > Assessor's Office > Home It is the mission of the Richmond Real Estate Assessor's Office to annually make equitable. This utility allows a person to interactively search the City of Richmond real property database on criteria such as Parcel ID, Address, Land Value, Consideration.

The median rental rate is roughly dollars a month for an apartment. Rental rates are increasing at nearly eight percent a year due to demand. This will result in continued increases for rents of Richmond real estate investment properties for the foreseeable future. If the economy were to decline, the fact that there are so many students in the area will bolster rental rates in the Richmond VA real estate market. Maybe you have done a bit of real estate investing in Richmond, VA but want to take things further and make it into more than a hobby on the side.

In any property investment, cash flow is gold. A good cash flow means the investment is, needless to say, profitable. Therefore, finding a good Richmond real estate investment opportunity would be a key to your success. If you are a beginner in the business of cash flow real estate investing, it very important to read good books on real estate.

The less expensive the Richmond investment property is, the lower your ongoing expenses will be. Most investors naturally gravitate to residential property investment. When looking for the best real estate investments in Richmond, you should focus on neighborhoods with relatively high population density and employment growth. Both of them translate into high demand for housing. If housing supply meets housing demand, real estate investors should not miss the opportunity since entry prices of homes remain affordable.

The Richmond area is historic, but it is already a modern city embracing smart growth and development.

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It is a stable housing market that offers good returns without massive regulation or heavy taxes. Buying an investment property is different from buying an owner-occupied home. We strive to set the standard for our industry and inspire others by raising the bar on providing exceptional real estate investment opportunities in the U.

We can help you succeed by minimizing risk and maximizing profitability. The aim of this article was to educate investors who are keen to invest in Richmond real estate in Purchasing an investment property requires a lot of studies, planning, and budgeting. Not all deals are solid investments.

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We always recommend to do your own research and take help of a real estate investment counselor. Another sizzling market to choose for investment is the Greensboro real estate market. The Greensboro real estate market offers an ideal situation for investors seeking steady, predictable returns. Return on investment is relatively high and not expected to decline, while property itself is relatively cheap.

The area is large and diverse enough to give investors a choice of property types and markets to serve. The Greensboro real estate market is incredibly affordable.

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The median home price is , dollars. This is one fourth lower than the average home price for the country as a whole. The other best place to invest in real estate is Chandler, AZ. The Chandler area offers strong market fundamentals in addition to a favorable tax and regulatory climate. This is in addition to a plethora of high paying jobs that attract new residents and niche markets that are willing to pay higher rents in exchange for convenience and proximity to amenities.

The median rent in Chandler hovers around dollars a month. This is about a hundred dollars more per month than the median rent for the Phoenix metro area. The Chandler-Gilbert Community College system caters to local students. Western International University and Ottawa University have campuses here. Let us know which real estate markets you consider best for real estate investing! The information contained in this article was pulled from third party sites mentioned under references.

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