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If the offender is under supervision their residence must be approved by the supervising officer. If they are not under supervision there is no restrictions as to where they can live. If under probation supervision they will have child safety zones stating they cannot go within a certain distance of school grounds, parks or other places children gather. Offenders under parole will have some conditions on them.

All conditions vary by each individual offender.

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Some offenders have to put signs on their homes if the Court has ordered them to do so. This condition of supervision is very limited. Most offenders do not have signs. Most offenders have to register once a year and this is around their birth date. If an offender has two convictions of a violent offense they have to register every 90 days. It is a felony for an offender to be living someplace other than where they say they are living.

You may get all public information on them. This is a picture, full name, age, gender, DOB , street address, city, state, zip code, victim sex and age, shoe size and supervision status.

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Also a brief description of the crime committed. If the victim of the offender was under 17 years of age then a notice is sent to schools in the area where offender lives. This number changes on a daily basis, however, Harris County does have the largest numbers of sex offenders in the State. Each State is different but all 50 states have some type of sex offender registration law.

View another good source to find out about other states. If a sex offender has a High-risk level the Department of Public Safety is to mail out postcards to the community he has moved to. Offenders convicted after September 1, are given a Static 99 test. This is a simple test about the offender's criminal history and refers to the crime committed. The offender will be given a high, moderate or low risk assignment.

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This level is used for public notification purposes only. A test cannot tell us for sure if a sex offender will offend again. It is known sex offenders do have a high recidivism rate. There is no real way to tell if an offender will offend again. Some offenders are not required to register by law because of when they committed their offense.

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Judges exempts some sex offenders from registration, however the law is very specific on whom a Judge can exempt from registration. There is no criminal law saying you cannot put out public information on sex offenders. We do not recommend this action. Our recommendation is to invite out the police agency that registers the offender and have a community meeting so correct information can be given out.

Sex Offender Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Yes offenders have rights. If the offender is under supervision they will most likely have restrictions about being around children under Each offender's conditions are set to their needs. Only sex offenders who were convicted after September 1, and their victim was under 17 years of age are printed in the newspaper.

If an offender has received a LOW risk level he is only published in the paper for the very first time he is required to register. No juvenile offenders are published in the paper.

If he was convicted of a sexually violent offense they will register for the rest of their life. If it was for a non-sexually violent offense they will register for the duration of their supervision plus ten years. Juveniles adjudicated for any sex crime will register for ten years past their supervision. Skip to Main Content. Do all people convicted of a sex offense have to register? What restrictions do sex offenders have? What is the difference between probation and parole? Can sex offenders live anywhere?

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Can they go to school grounds, parks or community centers? Do sex offenders have to post signs at their homes? How often do sex offenders have to register?

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See if registered sex offenders live nearby. election criteria to display results by date, county, office or all contests. Dismiss. restpihorolform.tkĀ». Sex Offender Registry. The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation maintains the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry. At the site, the public may search the registry or get.

Is it a crime for an offender to not live where they are registered? The State of NC requires offenders to verify their address at least every six months. In addition to the state requirement, Cabarrus County verifies addresses via unscheduled home visits.

Due to local ordinances, a registered sex offender cannot be on the property of any park or recreation center that is owned or maintained by Cabarrus County, the City of Concord, the City of Kannapolis, the Town of Harrisburg, Town of Mt. Pleasant, or the Town of Midland. How can we help you today? Sex Offender Registry.