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Order Online Certified copies of marriage licenses may be obtained online , in person, or by writing to the Wayne County Clerk, Marriage Certification Dept. In addition, individuals can obtain "Rushed Delivery" certified copies of marriage licenses via VitalChek. The Satellite Office only has same day certificate service for a marriage that took place from to the present. An order for a m arriage that took place before at our Westland Satellite Office can be picked up the following business day after 1 PM or mailed.

Our main office in Downtown Detroit , located on 2 Woodward Ave. Personal checks are not accepted. Please click here for the Marriage Certificate Order Form. Next, you will take the purchased certified copy of your marriage license to your local Social Security Office and complete the necessary form s. Subsequently, a new card with your changed name, but same number, will be mailed to you. From there, you will go to your local Secretary of State Office to update your other documents i.

If you cannot visit your local office, call to make arrangements to process by mail or in person. This service is FREE. If BOTH parties are non-residents of Michigan, the applicants must apply in the county in which the marriage is to be performed.

go to site At least one of the parties must appear in person to apply with required documents. Required Documentation Those present must provide a valid driver's license or state identification to show proof of residency. If only one person is applying they must show their I. If you do not have a certified birth certificate, the following documentation will be accepted: Valid U. Passport, signed by holder.

Passport must have full date of birth day, month, and year Certified birth certificate, in English or with certified and notarized English translation. Certificate must contain full date of birth day, month, and year Valid I card attached to your passport. Naturalization Papers or Valid U. Pleadings which do not conform to this rule may be ordered stricken from the file by the Court. The Canton Municipal Court provides for the filing of all pleadings and other papers by facsimile transmission, through the Clerk of Court's Office. All pleadings, motions, exhibits, and other papers may be filed with the Court, twenty-four hours per day, days a week by facsimile transmission to subject to the following provisions.

Upon filing any written motion with the Clerk, the party or attorney filing the motion must: 1 Serve a copy of the motion, memorandum or brief and supporting affidavit, if any, either in person or by depositing it in the mail; and 2 Include a "Proof of Service" indicating the person s served, the date and method of service and the address at which the party or attorney was served. The only exception to this rule is when the motion is to be served with the summons, it may be deposited with the Clerk of Courts for such service. Failure to comply with this rule shall be sufficient cause to strike the motion from the file.

Marriage ceremonies will be performed by appointment only. The Clerk shall provide the applicants with a receipt showing the names appearing on the marriage license.

The marriage certificate and receipt must be presented to the Judge performing the ceremony prior to the performance of the marriage. The Clerk shall keep a record of the fees received. All former rules of this Court are repealed as of the effective date hereof with respect only to the subject matter of those topics herein contained. Amendments and additions hereto may be made from time to time upon the majority affirmative vote of all of the Judges in office of all of the divisions of this Court, but such amendments shall not be effective until filed with the Supreme Court of Ohio in accordance with Civil Rule 83, Criminal Rule 57, Traffic Rule 19 and Superintendence Rule 5.

Back to the top Rule No. Rule 6 Counsel shall, by individual personal signature, designate their capacity as trial counsel on all pleadings in civil and criminal matters. The person filing the document by facsimile shall provide a cover page containing the following information:. Title of document being filed e. Indication of the number of pages included in the transmission, including the cover page. If a document is sent via facsimile to the Clerk of Court without the cover page information as cited above, it may be deposited in the case jacket, but need not be entered into the case docket and may be considered to be a nullity and thereby stricken from the record.

The document filed by facsimile shall be accepted as the effective original filing. The person making a filing by facsimile need not file any source document with the Clerk of Court but must, however, maintain in their records and have available for production on request by the Court the source document filed via facsimile, with original signatures as otherwise required under the applicable rules, together with the source copy of the facsimile cover page used for the subject filing.

The source document filed by fax shall be maintained by the person making the filing until the case is closed and all opportunities for post judgment relief are exhausted. A fax document will be accepted as original and the signature accepted as that of the attorney or party it purports to be for all purposes.

If it is established that the documents were transmitted without authority, the Court shall order the filing stricken.

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The original pleading need not be filed. A transmitted document shall not exceed ten 10 pages, not including the cover page and must pertain to only one case. The Clerk of Courts shall notify the attorney or other party if the transmitted document cannot be filed for any reason. The filing date for any electronically transmitted document shall be the date and time the document was received as evidenced by the electronic receiving device of the Clerk of Court. The time and date so noted will serve as time stamp for the document. Any filings sent electronically and received by the Clerk of Court after p.

Eastern Time will be file stamped the following business day. The Clerk of Court may, but need not acknowledge receipt of a facsimile transmission. Any document filed electronically must utilize a Clerk of Court Pre-Paid Account or provide a credit card account, including expiration date, on the cover letter.

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Maintenance of Indexes, Dockets and Journals. The Court adopts the combined indexes, dockets and journals as defined in Supr.

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Rule The indexes, dockets and journals shall be maintained permanently in an electronic medium. All existing paper bound books shall be retained permanently. Retention of Administrative Records:. The following retention schedule shall apply to administrative records of the clerk of Courts.

Retention of Civil, Criminal case files, Traffic, and Waiver cases. The Clerk of Courts shall notify, in writing, the Ohio Historical Society, sixty 60 days prior to the destruction of the records and offer the original records for safekeeping to them. The priority of the offer shall be in the order listed above.

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These records may be transferred to the possession of said entity as long as they maintain the records as public records. Security Police and Procedures Manual. The Court hereby establishes a written Security Policy and Procedures Manual governing security of the Court and its facilities to ensure consistent, appropriate and adequate security procedures. The manual includes a physical security plan, routine security operations, a special operations plan, a hostage situation response plan, a high risk trial plan and emergency procedures fire, bomb, disaster.

A copy of said plan is incorporated herein by reference. All persons entering the Court facility, including elected officials, Court personnel, attorneys, law enforcement and security officers, shall be subject to security screening. All screening shall occur for each visit to the Court facility regardless of the purpose or the hour. Court Bailiffs and Canton City Police Officers, where appropriate, shall enforce the Court security measures to ensure the security of the Court and its facilities.

All security officers assigned to Court security shall be certified through the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council at the discretion of the Court.

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These officers shall receive specific training on Court security and weapons instruction specific to the Court setting. No weapons shall be permitted in the Court facility except those carried by Court security officers or as defined in Section E 1 and E 2 , provided the Court establishes and installs adequate security measure to insure that no one will be armed with any weapon in the Court facility.

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Law enforcement officers acting within the scope of their employment may, with the Court's approval, carry weapons into the Court facility. In all cases, law enforcement officers who are parties to a judicial proceeding as a Plaintiff, Defendant, witness or interested party outside of the scope of their employment, shall not be permitted to bring weapons in the Court facility without prior Court approval. Prisoners shall be transported into the Court facility and within the Court facility through areas which are not accessible to the public.

When a separate entrance is not available and public hallways must be utilized, prisoners shall be handcuffed behind the back and, when appropriate, secured by leg restraints. Prisoners shall be held in a secure holding area equipped with video monitoring - where practicable - while awaiting Court hearings, and during any recess. All courtrooms and hearing rooms shall be equipped with a duress alarm connected to a central security station.

Duress alarms shall be located on the Judges', and Magistrates' bench es and at the work station of the Bailiff, the receptionist, the secretary and other officers. The duress alarm system shall be a system with enunciation capability. Closed-Circuit Video Surveillance. When practicable, closed-circuit video surveillance shall include the Court facility parking area, entrance to the Court facility, Court lobby, courtroom and all other public areas of the Court facility.

Restricted Access to Judicial Offices. An effective secondary screening process at the entrance to the Judges' office space shall be utilized to ensure safe and secure work areas, and to protect against inappropriate interaction between judicial officers and Magistrates, and participants in the judicial process.

The general public shall not be permitted in the area that houses office space for Judges and Court personnel, without prior Court approval. The Court, in conjunction with law enforcement officers, shall adopt procedures for the security of Judges and Court personnel for periods of time other than the normal working hours. New construction or remodeling of Court facilities shall include circulation patterns that govern the movement of people in the courtroom.

Judges, Court personnel and prisoners shall have separate routes to and from the courtroom. Waiting areas shall be available to allow separation of parties, victims and witnesses. Every violation of law that occurs within a Court facility shall be reported to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction. The policy of the Court for reporting security incidents shall be included with the Court's Security Policy and Procedures Manual.

All security incidents shall be reported annually to the Supreme Court of Ohio. The Canton Municipal Court is committed to providing equal access to the Court for the media and the general public.