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The tax deduction granted to veterans and their surviving spouses is in addition to all other tax deductions or exemptions, for which the person may be eligible.

At the discretion of the claimant, the tax deduction may be apportioned among properties located in different taxing districts. In order to qualify for a tax deduction, a veteran must apply for the deduction and must meet all of the following requirements as of October 1 of the pretax year.

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Citizenship of New Jersey. The surviving spouse of any such citizen and resident of this State who at the time of death was entitled to the exemption provided under the law, shall be entitled, on proper claim made therefore, to the same exemption as the deceased husband or wife was so entitled during widowhood and while a resident of this State, for the time that claimant is the legal owner thereof and actually occupies the said dwelling house on the premises to be exempted or any other swelling claimant thereafter acquires and uses as the principal place of residence.

The widow or widower of a disabled veteran or deceased serviceperson who at the time of death was eligible for entitlement to the property tax exemption, or who would have become eligible had he or she lived to the date of a subsequent broadening of the scope of the property tax exemption January 10, , is eligible to receive the property tax exemption that the deceases would have been eligible to receive if living. If you feel you are entitled to any of the above deductions or exemptions, please contact the assessment department for an application and to answer any questions you may have regarding the same.

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Veterans and Widows of Veterans. Tax Map. We look to achieve the goals that we set by working together as a team and with cooperation from other Departments by sharing information. All digital images taken during the revaluation in are displayed. The taxpayers have the "right to know" and in order to engage in meaningful discussions on the understanding of property taxation, everyone must have access to the facts. Monday through Friday, and remains open on Tuesday evening until p. There are a few New Jersey property tax benefits.

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