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Illinois Background Checks: What you need to know

He then stormed into the warehouse, witnesses said, in a rampage before police killed him in a shootout. Martin killed five people and injured six people -- including five officers. State police and other law enforcement agencies are now under pressure to explain how, despite his felony conviction, Martin slipped through background checks and was able to keep his gun.

Martin pleaded guilty in February in Mississippi to assaulting the woman he lived with. The woman told police he assaulted her at least three times before that attack, according to court documents.


In the March incident, he stabbed her with a knife and beat her with a baseball bat, an indictment states. He was sentenced to 10 years and the court suspended five years of his sentence, according to court records. He was reportedly released on April 18, , according to ISP.

The first background check did not catch the Mississippi conviction. After he left prison he moved to Aurora, where he had spent time as a child, according to court documents.

How to Obtain Illinois Arrest Records

He started working for Henry Pratt Co. The application did not require him to submit his fingerprints. Aurora shooting victim's wife says he texted 'I love you' after being shot. It should have been denied. In order to set a standard for hiring policies, the federal government created the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or FCRA, which monitors and protects both employers and job candidates.

If the record includes conviction information, the CRA must send the applicant a copy of the record.

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The applicant has 7 days from the time she or he receives the report to contact the CRA if the information is not right. Our Take: Employers are prohibited from basing an employment decision on an arrest not leading to conviction or on a criminal record that has been expunged, sealed, or impounded.

What are Illinois background check and ban-the-box laws?

Our Take: Employers are prohibited from requesting or utilizing a current or prospective employee's credit information when making an employment decision unless an occupational requirement is established. Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL We are a certified vendor and fingerprint for the following licensing departments in the State of Illinois:. By processing fingerprints electronically, criminal history responses can be provided within a matter of hours if received electronically or 3 -5 days if received by mail.


Do you want to do a fingerprint based criminal history background check? In State. All fingerprint transactions must be submitted to ISP electronically through a. In response to a request for a criminal history transcript, the.

Live Scan fingerprints are captured electronically by a digital fingerprint scanner and a trained technician; fingerprints captured via live scan allow for a much faster and more accurate fingerprint collection process. Fingerprinting is the process of obtaining images of your fingerprints, so that agencies can compare them against other fingerprints gathered by the government.

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A criminal background name based check is a search of database records of criminal arrests and convictions. The benefit of taking live scan fingerprints during a criminal background check is that you can better ensure accuracy. A Picture I.

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You can access this transcript right from the Illinois State Police, Bureau of Identification, which is located at North Chicago Street in Joliet their number is As a nationwide provider of post-conviction relief and expungements, RecordGone. This Act was passed with the intention of streamlining the procedure for obtaining and updating records, and it lessens the likelihood that information will be inaccurate. Search Illinois. Lawyer Matt Fakhoury Lawyer Expungement.

Identification must be valid and current.