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The 50 Greatest Living Geniuses

I connected with the vision immediately, because it represents three concepts I believe in: science, education, and inclusion. I expect interesting engagements and questions from the public and the non — science community.

A life in art.

By all accounts she is like my other friends, except that she has a quick sense of If you talk to him about personal problems he will quickly get the gist of your .. but I know that he joined the Army like many during WWII, and (we didn't find out . There is a massive problem with our employment system - find out why we don't know how to employ geniuses.

If you could change one thing about the scientific culture in Nigeria right now, what would it be? What I would want to improve would be the way science is taught. Many brilliant, innovative and creative people have left science, mid-stream, or even after graduation because of the rote way science is taught and delivered in our academic institutions in Nigeria. Young people are designing applications, software, medical devices, agricultural solutions, energy and power solutions and using genomics, data science and artificial intelligence to solve myriads of problems globally.

We have a lot of persons in STEMM, however these interventions are not applied to our country specific problems. Post graduate STEMM programmes and research should be grants funded and invested in with good mentorship, transparency and accountability.

Pablo Picasso’s Idiosyncratic Genius

This will encourage Nigerian scientists to do more research, gain global recognition, reduce brain drain and improve our rankings. My topmost recommendation is Start Early! Except for Sandy, that is, a small plastic creature with a wounded leg. Karina places Sandy in a bed she has made from Fuzzy Felt. I'll give him some special horse medicine," she says.

Now he's come back to play with his friends. Karina is Charlotte Fraser's only child. They live, the two of them, with Truffles the cat, in Surrey. Shown a picture of a glove that was lacking one finger and asked what was missing, she said the other glove. Charlotte found it "reassuring" to discover that Karina was not suffering from some "really weird way of thinking". She does not know from where her linguistic precocity comes: Charlotte was adept at science, she says, and Karina's father, Nick from whom Charlotte is separated , was good at physics and maths. Stories of home-schooled geeks scare her.

She shows off a chocolate tray, decorated with tissue and paper: a butterfly feeding table. How long have you been a bus fanatic? Just over six months ago, their only child, Ishaan, developed a thing for London buses and memorised more than bus routes across the capital.

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It was not easy for him, Jay says, because, while Ishaan has a reading age of at least seven, there were some difficult location names to read. The memorising bit came easily. Where did his interest come from? Does he see buses from their south London flat? Which are best, buses or trains? What is his favourite bus route?

Later, he clarifies: his favourite route is actually the from Lewisham to Stratford , which he travels on to school.

How many buses does he see from his favourite bus? Roughly, I say. It's a stupid question and I am not expecting an answer. Every few months, Ishaan finds a new obsession.

Lil Baby, Gunna - Close Friends

His favourite engine is "Gordon, the biggest and the fastest. He goes at least mph. Other engines only go And Thomas and Percy only go at No, 25," he corrects himself. His gentle parents seem rather bemused by their hyper-energetic little boy.

He is bilingual he also speaks Marathi , and his school has run out of books for him. While his reading is good, he is among the worst at writing, Jay says. They are keeping an eye on whether the school can meet his needs. So far, they say, they've been happy, but "it's early days", Jay says. While her home reverberates with footballing kids, sulky teens, three bounding dogs, a rabbit and a hamster called Spotty, Megan is quietly inventing. A year ago, she had to design an anti-smoking poster for a school project. Rather than a poster, she came up with the idea of creating a translucent, squidgy pair of lungs containing brown food colouring that shows the average amount of tar a smoker collects from just four packs of cigarettes.

So she researched her idea on the internet, found a company in China that could make the device, saved up her pocket money and, with a bit of financial assistance from her mum, got her idea made. Megan is dyslexic. Paula says her daughter "thinks differently": she "prefers drawings and is obviously quite creative". Ideas pop into her mind when she watches TV.

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After she got sunburnt on holiday, Megan devised a small plastic bracelet that changes colour in the sun, telling you when to put on sunscreen, and a T-shirt that does the same thing. There are multiple run-on sentences, comma splices, and you do not know when it's appropriate to use hyphens. I guess your "eidetic" memory didn't compute these things; it must have been on "sleep" mode. Grammar is not a sign of intelligence, in fact mastering grammar shows nothing more than you can be trained to repeat.

The rules of the English language are simple. If it is a common error and can be understood it's not actually wrong. Grammar rules were formed simply to make teaching the masses to read easier. It's actually not uncommon for those with higher intelligence to write run on sentences or jump from topic to topic it's a side effect of the mind racing. All that in mind it seems that you commented to insult someone's genuine feedback on this topic based on nothing more than your misinformed view of the importance of grammar.

I'm a Director among other creative talents and when I'm inspired or working on a new project my mind can't calm down and this have created an insomnia I've dealt with for many many years. Weed aside of pills is the only thing that can facilitate my sleep without interruptions.

How Actual Smart People Talk About Themselves

Sadly weed don't become available to me regularly and when I don't have it and need to sleep I have to recurr to Ambien which I try to avoid since I don't like to depend on pills. I can't talk for every creative person in the world but many of my creative colleagues also have sleeping disorders. This author has such an incredible amount of mis-organization within paragraphs, and plain literal mis-spellings such as lose vs Loose and steeling as opposed to the correct stealing.

The organizational skills are on par with an 8th graders, with hardly much evidence or literature to support mild and understated ideas, and seemingly self mumbling off hand bull!

The 50 Greatest Living Geniuses (alphabetically arranged)

Get a job kid, you can't write. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Ph.

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