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However, you do need a court order before changing your own name on your birth certificate. If you don't have the current birth certificate, you can request a copy from the Georgia Department of Public Health.

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You can only get a copy if you are the person named on the birth certificate, an immediate family member or a legal representative. Suite , Atlanta, GA Before you change your name on your own birth certificate, you must submit a petition to your local superior court detailing the reasons you'd like to change your name and then wait for the court to approve your request. If you want to change the name or correct an error on a birth certificate, you can ask the Office of Vital Records to make the change. On the original birth certificate, circle all the changes you wish to make and submit a written request for any further instructions or procedures.


Provide the information on the original birth certificate as well as the information you want entered on the amended birth certificate. The application must be witnessed and signed by a notary public. Hi Gwendolen. If you want to update your SS card to reflect your middle name, they'll likely want a supporting document to justify changing it back, such as a court order.

That'll get everything back in sync. When I got married, I changed my name on my drivers license but nothing else. Non of my previous employers had an issue with this.

My current employer is requiring I change my name on my social security or be fired. They are telling me it is a law that it must match. I filled all the paperwork out in my married name. I do not want to change my last name. I changed my license in haste before really thinking it over. Is there a law saying both last names have to match on license and SS number. I think it would be easier just to fill my paper work out all over again in my maiden name.

Hi Rachel. Some DMV's stipulate that they should be alerted to a name change within X number of days, but the penalty for not doing so is often vague, nonexistent, or unenforced. If you have your married name on file with your employer, it won't match what's on file with the IRS. Yes, it would seem easier to fill out your work paperwork in your maiden name. My husband and I are residents of Georgia but got married two months ago in Michigan. As stated on this page, Georgia is one of the few states where men can do this using their marriage certificate, but does this still apply with an out-of-state marriage license?

If so, how do we initiate the name change, since in GA it is typically initiated during the application for your marriage license? Hi Harper. You'll need to obtain a certified copy of your Michigan marriage certificate and use it as though it was a Georgia certificate. Hi, I got married two years ago and decided to hyphenate my name in the state of Georgia. I now want to drop my maiden name and only use my husband last name. How do change I change it.

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Hi Shaneka. At this point, you'll have to petition the court for a general adult name change. I've been divorced 6yrs. I decided not to drop my ex's last name. It doesn't affect or bother him, the least bit! My full signature on the license,is first, maiden and ex's last name. I was born in Ga. I will contact them. Will l have to go to court? If my plans are successful, should my maiden name be hyphenated?

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A birth certificate is an official recording of a birth that occurred in the state of Georgia. A birth record may Typically, the person requesting a certified copy of a birth record needs only to provide: 1. ​Atlanta, GA No special filing fee is required during the first year of birth to amend a birth record. SUITE , ATLANTA, GA │PHONE PLEASE PRINT OR INSTRUCTIONS FOR AMENDING A BIRTH CERTIFICATE. The Amended.

What steps or suggestions,do you have in my situation? Any advice,would be helpful! Hi Regina. Changing your name due to divorce depends on what name restoration or change was specified in the divorce decree. I assume your preference isn't in the decree, so you'd have to petition the court to change it to what you'd prefer.

I live in Paulding county and was told that choosing our own name at the time of our marriage was not an option, but that our only options were either taking each other's names or hyphenation.

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Are we able to choose a completely new name when we marry? A whole new name for both spouses This is a wholly new creative or extreme option where both spouses come together and create a wholly new last name. Since a whole new last name isn't possible during marriage is the combination of the two last names to create a new last name possible? Just want to clarify since in the original blog it says both are possible.

Thanks in advance. Hi Michelle. The probate court clerk will likely alert you that this could pose a problem with the DMV. The text you cited has been updated to reflect this caveat. Not exactly this topic but close. I seriously need help. I applied for widow benefits at social security but can not find a copy of the marriage certificate and have searched many sites including Catoosa County Georgia.

We were married before a justice of the peace or county clerk? I have searched under both maiden and married last names but I must be doing something wrong. Any suggestions? Thank you. Hi Deloris.

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Try the Georgia Department of Health marriage records search service. My wife just was approved for her green card. Now that everything is approved, she was asked if she wanted to change her name, which she did. I understand having to change other forms of ID now from temp to permanent but we also need to change her name at the court house on the marriage license for example. Or is the published process the only way available?

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Hi Sean. Unless there's a typographical error on the marriage license, you can't amend the name. Me and my wife was married 14 years ago in Texas. My last name changed but on our Marriage License it has my original last name. Is this marriage license legal, or do we have to get another marriage license and get married again? I got divorced last year. I put in the petition to go back to my maiden name, but I haven't taken the time to actually go to social security and DMV to change back.

I will be getting remarried next year. I don't want my last husband's last name on my new marriage license. Do I have to go through with changing my last name to my maiden name, then go through the whole process again to change to the new husband's name OR can I just put my maiden name on the new marriage license without actually changing it? Basically, can I put my maiden name on my new marriage license even though legally, I still use my last husband's last name?

Hi, I got married 13 years ago and decided to keep my last name in the state of Georgia.

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I now want to drop my maiden name and use my husbands last name. We are renewing our vows can it be changed on the new application?